Laura Cameron Stedman: Mindset Strategist

Hey, I'm Laura

After studying manifesting and mindset for 15 years, becoming an NLP Practitioner, and completing an Acting Degree, I created a 3-prong approach to manifesting that changed my life.

I went from in debt with zero self-esteem to a confident manifesting machine and you can too. 

My “Bring it to Me” Formula:

1. Loving Yourself and feeling great as much and as often as possible.
2. Removing Subconscious Blocks that repel your manifestation &
 3. “Becoming” the you that already has the life that you want. 


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"I didn't expect to cry and get emo, but you created a space for me to be vulnerable and honest with myself and asked the questions necessary to get to the truth so I could realize what I really wanted."​

Krystal Woods - Photographer & Marketing Consultant

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Love Yourself – Fierce Edition Training Video

In less than 7 minutes, you can change your life.