Laura Cameron Stedman: Mindset & Fitness Coach

Regret is shitty.


The pieces of you tucked away so you could "fit in" are exactly the things that will make your life amazing.
I help you not give a rip what people think so you can ditch the "Life Sucks, get used to it.", Debbie Downers with zero guilt or shame, GET EXTREME embracing & celebrating those tucked away pieces and have a absolutely amazing life.

What pieces of you have you left hidden in order to fit in?

Step Into Your Future Self Now

Having trouble Feeling your way into your ideal life? If you find yourself journaling your little heart out and still find it difficult to feel what it will be like to be that future version of you, sign up for a 1-1 session to have a conversation AS your future self. I am a trained actor and NLP practitioner I can help you FEEL your way to manifesting your dreams.