Laura Cameron Stedman: Mindset Strategist

Loving Yourself is Crucial to Creating the Life of Your Dreams…and it feels Freaking AH-MAY-ZING.
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Imagine a future you that is: 
confident, super successful, self-aware, unapologetic and HAPPY

You want to be Successful? You gotta Love Yourself, Stop Focusing on Excuses and ACT Like the You who has what you want. BECOME a vibrational match with future you and attract her success into your life NOW

What is a BECOMING Session?

It is a 1-1 session where you become the you that has already achieved the success that you want: you are confident, have amazing clients and relationships and a life and business that you love. You become a vibrational match to the future you who has it all already so you can bring those things into your life NOW. 

You have to speak what you want into existence and you have to believe it and feel it and practice it.  But have you tried talking to your friends and family about the money you haven’t earned yet, the body you don’t have yet or the business you haven’t gotten off the ground yet AS IF it’s already happened? Did they think you were a nutter? (Mine did)

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If you are wanting a coach who is straight up amazing, genuine, relaxed, honest with a no BS approach to her style, then you have found it with Laura. She is truly AMAZING (magician if I may go that far) who really does get to the heart of the matter in such a way that you will leave with strength and power to help you find what it is you're are looking for. I am always amazed at what I walk away with. More empowered and forever grateful for her to get me where I am now! THANK YOU!"
Embrace Your Blueprint

You are perfect, but don’t get me wrong. So many of us confuse WHERE we are with WHO we are and end up settling for less. OR we end up replicating the strategy that other coaches teach, that is not aligned with us AT ALL, end up doing craploads of work that feels so shitty and fake that we never hit the publish button.

If we could only feel great about who we REALLY are, the message that we have to deliver. If we could create things that made us yell “Hell yaaaassss!”…She’s inside you, you know. Isn’t it time to let her out?

You don’t have to do it like anyone else, and you don’t have to settle. This is where we stop listening to what you think you’re supposed to be, find the amazingness of what you already are and blow it UP!!!  

There are so many things that we believe that stop us from having an incredible life. Let’s shift that crap and replace it with a fiery passion for life. 

Learn how to receive like never before. F*ck staying small. BE the person that attracts your ideal clients. BE the person who attracts your ideal body and your ideal life, BE the confident, knowing, “hell yes!” YOU. 

This is the part where we pull out the woo-woo, add a dash of acting and mix in some mindset shifts, to pull your future successful, action-taking self into the present so you can have that life NOW. 

"I didn't expect to cry and get emo, but you created a space for me to be vulnerable and honest with myself and asked the questions necessary to get to the truth so I could realize what I really wanted."​

Krystal Woods - Photographer & Marketing Consultant

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Love Yourself – Fierce Edition Training Video

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