Laura Cameron Stedman: Mindset Strategist

HEY! I bet you could use my video lesson “Love Yourself – Fierce Edition”! Seriously Ladies, it’s about time.

If you're done living your life of shoulds
and you're ready to live your life Fully YOU.

We should talk.

Here’s how I’m different:

1. We figure out the REAL DEAL. We throw guilt, shame, and bullshit out the window so you can figure out why you are doing things that don’t lead to you being happy…so you can be happy!! This is not about should’s, this is not about blame or reasons why you’re not where you are. I create a non-judgemental space for you to dig deep, and we do. 

2. I will help you find your “blueprint“, You are not like anyone else, why are you trying to be like anyone else? It’s all about SELF ACCEPTANCE, baby! The REAL kind. The “I can’t be anyone else, the “I’m so freaking happy!” and the “Where have I been all my life? I’m the bomb” kind.  

3. I will kick your ass. – I’m not going to let you be a victim. In fact, if you need me to tell you that everyone else is to blame for your unhappiness, we will not be a good fit. I’m not a therapist, but, if you are ready to blow your mindset blocks out of the water (lovingly) so you can become the person, the entrepreneur, the woman we both know you can be, I’d love to hear from you.

It's time to find your mojo, to stop giving a rip what other people think, and to get on with building your empire with passion and confidence.

Rule the freaking world.

xoxo Laura

"I didn't expect to cry and get emo, but you created a space for me to be vulnerable and honest with myself and asked the questions necessary to get to the truth so I could realize what I really wanted."

Krystal Woods​ - Photographer and Marketing Consultant