Laura Cameron Stedman: Mindset & Fitness Coach

Things are supposed to be easy.

Things are supposed to be easy.
There are things that you can do that you find easy,

but you assume that everyone finds it easy too…they don’t.

Even when it comes to making money.

Do yourself a favour and ask yourself,
“What would be the easiest way to make an extra $1000 this month?”
You are looking for super easy, fun even, things that you do without thinking about it.

Maybe even things that other people just do not want to do, but you quite like…

Do you walk into other people’s houses and have to be held back from reorganizing their cupboards?
Boom…extra cash.
Do you redesign people’s gardens in your mind?
Find the people with the crappy gardens and the disorganized cupboards!

Create and sell an online course, go garage sale-ing and sell the stuff on Craig’s list,
make your own online show and sell advertising…

Write down a bunch of ideas and see what you come up with.
And try the easiest solution…not the hardest so you look good,
Not the one that makes you look the most virtuous but is difficult.

Don’t pick the one that you will most likely fail at so you can sigh and bitch about it.

Struggling does not make you more valuable, even though you think it does.
You need to believe that it IS possible to do first…and it is.
People do this,
and if people can do it, it’s possible.
If it’s possible, you can do it too.

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