Laura Cameron Stedman: Mindset & Fitness Coach

Let the Poop Out

Sometimes I think the best way to grow is to get the poop out first.
The “poop” are ideas, things you’ve been holding on to for a long time.
Things that are stopping you from moving on.


It’s hard to analyze something when you can’t see it.
Once it’s out in the open and in front of other people,
you can see it for what it is,
you can look at it and decide whether it was a good idea or not.


Sometimes you let it out and go…
“Whoa!! I thought that for a long time…I don’t believe that at all!”
You don’t get that opportunity when you keep it to yourself.


The people who let the poop out get to let the good stuff in.
There is no room for change when you’re full of it.

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