Laura Cameron Stedman: Mindset & Fitness Coach

Ripping the Mask Off
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This course is all about being fully you. It’s for all of us are tired of putting up a mask because we are afraid of not being liked. Say “buh-bye” to the need to please and “hello” to the breath of fresh air that comes with being free to go big being you.

Key concepts covered include:

  1. How to LOVE your damn self. Seriously. No B.S. No getting approval from other people, no comparing, just glorious, powerful YOU. 
  2. How to Forgive yourself for letting yourself believe that you are less than awesome, for allowing other people to cause you to doubt your amazing-ness, and for you not admiring your unique talents and skills.
  3. How to let what other people think and feel have little to no effect on your self-esteemself-acceptance and self-love because you control how you feel. AND
  4. You CAN’T create what you want if you don’t act from a place of belief. How to start achieving the results that you want in your life and business as an empowered, confident, kick-ass woman.

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