Laura Cameron Stedman: Mindset & Fitness Coach

Radical Self Acceptance
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Course Description

You are not supposed to fit into a damn box. Most peoples “shitty”: days come from not living up to expectations set by OTHER PEOPLE.

This course is six weeks of you being fully supported with a weekly livestream module as well as Monday – Friday Voxer Support so you can build a foundation with daily practices based on YOUR Blueprint using Fitness, Nutrition, & NLP. This course is about having less and less shitty days by doing what you love and not giving a rip what other people think. and it’s about focusing on the Journey, the things you do daily to make a huge difference in the direction your life takes. If you have a foundation that is based on the approval of other people, you have an unstable foundation. Take back control of your life and build something that you love.

Key Concepts Covered Include:

Ripping off the mask
Figuring out What You Love in ALL areas of your life
Releasing Guilt & Shame
Accepting the Hell out of yourself
Not giving a rip what people think
Change your life with movement & food
Day-to-Day Hurdles

What is Included:

6 interactive live stream modules
Mastermind Voxer Group Chat: Six Weeks of daily Group Coaching (Mon-Fri)
A Private Facebook Group


You will feel progressively better