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How to Build Your Belief Muscle

One of the hardest things to do when trying to manifest a life that you will love is believing that it will come. Belief is like a muscle that takes work to build…not crazy hard work, but work and a willingness to put your expectations of having everything you want, as you want it, right now, to the side.

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Here’s a good trick to help you believe that what you want is on its way. Look at what you have.

Not in a general “gratitude” way, but as proof that what you want is trying to get through.

If you are not specific, or if you don’t become a vibrational match for what you want, you create a bottleneck between what you want and it coming to you. Mindset work is all about opening that bottleneck so everything that you want can come through. 

But, if you don’t know exactly what you want, how is the universe supposed to know? We get this idea that it should know what we want, but it’s energy, it doesn’t judge, doesn’t tell you what you should do, and it doesn’t assume. You get what you are a match for, that’s it. So if you are just asking for a relationship, but are not specific about what you want that to look like or feel like, you are going to get the possibilities of a relationship, but maybe not how you expect.

The great thing is that there are things coming through the bottleneck, just in dribs and drabs and not in the same way you would like. Using the relationship example again, if this is what you want if ANY opportunities come to you, this means that things are coming through. Take that as a sign that you are not being specific enough and/or you are not a match for what you really want. Use it like a rutter on a boat. Each time you don’t get what you want, you become more aware of what you DO want instead of assuming that this stuff doesn’t work or you just don’t know how to use it properly.

The best thing about this? It all about tweaking, there is no right or wrong, just little adjustments. And if you look at the things that are coming as proof that all the stuff is out there trying to get to you it is so easy to believe. And when you believe, you’ve won half the battle. The other half? Receiving. Not because you deserve it, not because you are getting a reward, because you are letting it in. 

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