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Asking for help

Some people are good at almost everything. We know some of them, wish we were more like them, and secretly hate them a little (or

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Subconscious Beliefs

How do you know what Subconscious beliefs you have? Look at your life…. That’s it. That’s what you believe. Instead of blaming other people, blame

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Look further

When we look at the results we are getting, we tend not to look far enough down the line to see what the REAL reason

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What choice do I have? Lots. But who decided that the “best” choice is always the one that makes you suffer?

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The True Work

I’m not a bagillionaire, nor do I play one on TV I don’t have fancy cars or a diamond tiara What I do have is

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Listening to songs written by Brill Building legends like Carole King last night I wondered what it would have been like if her mother had

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Afraid to fall

Is what’s holding you back the fear of what people will say when you fall? perhaps you need to find new friends knowing you held

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Level Up

The words you use to describe your situation tell you a lot about your thought patterns But they also give you clues on how to

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Create Your Day

Fun new technique to try… Create your day before you get out of bed Take 5 or 10 minutes (make sure you set your snooze…learned

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Lost at Sea

Ever feel like you are lost at sea? Being tossed here and there, Getting nowhere because you’ve got a bunch of captains on board and

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