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What result are you getting?

The results you are getting are proving your subconscious beliefs right. We unconsciously manipulate to prove our subconscious beliefs. Ever find yourself doing something that

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The Easy Button.

If you were to imagine having an easy button, Ya, like the Staples one. And you could use it whenever you wanted, so you didn’t

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Stressed Out

If you are stressed out about how things are going to go, You will get something to stress out about. Remember when you were a

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Crack a smile

Where do you turn when you are trying to feel better? Funny movies? Romance novels? Cat videos? The most important thing is that you feel

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Let the Poop Out

Sometimes I think the best way to grow is to get the poop out first. The “poop” are ideas, things you’ve been holding on to

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Write a list

Write a really, really amazing list detailing everything that you are looking for, everything that would make you happy.   Only things that are exciting

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Changing Your Life

It’s totally possible to change your life To make it better Even if it doesn’t seem like it You need to start by believing that

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