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Aligned Content Creation – It doesn’t have to be SOOO Hard

Sooo…you’ve been sitting in front of your computer for a gagillion years tappa, tappa, tapping away, or in front of your camera making video after video but you never hit the publish button! Could it be that your content just doesn’t feel like you? Or maybe it just isn’t what you really want to say! Do you find yourself asking “How the hell did that happen?” You knew what you wanted to say, it was powerful and awesome! But what ACTUALLY came out was so WISHY-WASHY and so much like what everybody else is saying. 

This happens A LOT. I’ve worked with tons of people who suffer from content filter-itis. It’s what happens when you force your content, when you just have to get something out even though you’re not feeling it. Even when you’re not in alignment. And often it’s because you feel like you HAVE to, for whatever reason, just sit there until something comes. Oh, and it also has to be perfect. 

I have been dealing with this forever. I have been doing the same thing for at least 3 long years. Trying to create, but not sending it out into the world because it just wasn’t the message I wanted to give. The reason for this is simple; I wasn’t in alignment when creating. The reason for this? It had to be a struggle. It HAD to be a struggle. 

I don’t think that anymore, and I also don’t think that I have to create content like anyone else, and neither do you.


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